Faced with the current situation, we remain open for business

Dear customers, Good news! Following the Quebec government’s announcement regarding the reopening of businesses in the greater Montreal area, we wish to inform you that our office will be open to our customers starting May 25. From this date, it will be possible for you to present yourself, by appointment only, to our office. In order to comply with the rules ensuring the health and safety of all, you will be asked to: 1. Contact us at 450-692-4222 prior to presenting yourself. We will then determine your needs and prepare your order in advance should it be required. This appointment is important since only one client at a time will be admitted inside. 2. When you arrive, please enter through the front door. The side door is reserved for our carriers. 3. A disinfectant display will be available in the entrance. We ask you to wash your hands as soon as you arrive and when you leave. 4. Also, to ensure the safety of our employees, please stay at the front of the reception. We will not accept any traffic in the office. If it is possible for you, we encourage you to continue ordering your products by email at admin@ddab.ca or by phone at 450-692-4222. Feel free to use our courier services or specify yours. Also, due to the extremely high demand for certain products, many items are out of stock. Please be aware that our team is trying to fill your orders as quickly as possible, but delays may be longer than normal. If you expect to run out of products soon, contact us in advance to avoid a long wait. We conclude by sincerely thanking you for your loyalty. Distributions D.A.B. Inc. is celebrating 20 years of existence this spring and we owe it to you, dear customers. Thank you! Be strong, Be united. Your devoted team, Thierry, Mélanie, Joanne & David

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Distributions D.A.B. Inc. was founded in 2000 and has grown considerably since. We are a Rieke Corp. eastern canadian distributer but our customers are located all over Canada, the U.S. and world wide.


Our mission is to become the leader in the industry by providing you with more than forty years of expertise in this area, with the added value of a courteous and professional service, and with an unmatched speed.


Expertise: Our president has over forty years of experience in this field. Even when faced with uncertainty, we are able to define your needs.

Customer service: Courteous and professional, our customer service is solely based on your needs and seeks to attain your satisfaction with the best of our knowledge.

Speed: Depending on your terms, your order will be sent the same day.