Pail Openers

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  • 3 in 1 pail opener

    go here One tool takes care of all the plastic pail tasks! This handy 3 in 1 pail opener removes pail lids with the tightest of seals, ideal for use with UN-rated pails. The cutting head slits slotted covers without damaging the cover gasket. Claw end removes covers without slots. Flip the tool over and use as a hammer to reseal the lid.

    cancer online dating Cast aluminum tool is 21 inches long for great leverage.

    • Cuts, Lifts, Re-seals
    • Opens UN-rated plastic pails
  • 900 Quick Bucket

    go here Open 4, 5 and 6 gallon plastic buckets safely, quickly and easily.

    • Without cutting tabs
    • Without using sharp knives
    • Without pressing on bucket with your knees causing possible back injury
    • Without pinching fingers and breaking nails
    • Without damaging expensive knives
    • Without brute strength

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  • Aluminum Pail Opener

    anillos para mujeres solteras Simply place plastic pail in a corner or against a wall and work around the rim in three positions (three, six, and nine o’clock) to remove the lid easily. Pressure pad and large hook at working end of tool helps prevent damage to the pail.

    http://www.paperiandco.com/mikidis/2157 Open steel pail lugs by using the screwdriver style tip at the end of the handle to pry them open.

    High strength, lightweight aluminum this pail opener is 12-1/4 inches long for better leverage.

    Stores and carries easily.

    • Convenient length for carrying
    • Opens most non-UN plastic pail covers
    • Screwdriver tip for opening steel lug covers
  • Bucket Buster

    Unique positive spring-action tool opens covers from the side of the pail. Lever action gets under the skirt of the cover and lifts it almost straight up, minimizing damage to the cover skirt. Heavy gauge steel construction, with rubber handle.

  • Heavy-Duty UN-Rated Pail Opener/Closer

    This heavy-duty pail opener will open UN plastic and steel pails and reseal them for intermittent use. The curved end hook opens steel pail lugs; opposite end reseals lugs for intermittent use. Can be used to open non-UN plastic and steel pails also.

    A cutter is built into the tool for cutting through slits found on some plastic pail lids. Use the angled hook or side tong to pry off plastic lids, depending on the type of lid.

    Hammer head reseals plastic pail lids for intermittent use.

    Plastic handle grip increases leverage and is easy on the hands