Pail Pumps

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  • EZI-ACTION® 25/5 DRUMPUMP with PSA & C69

    EZI-ACTION® 25/5 DRUMPUMP with PSA & C69. Suited to dispensing any small pail, container or jerry can with a minimum opening of 1 2/3 inches in diameter. Shorter shaft height allows for easy pumping on a bench or table top. Same components as the Ezi-action® 200/55 Drum Pump for ease of service. Perfect for dispensing 5 gallon to 8 gallon chemical containers in janitorial, commercial, industrial cleaning and in agricultural market sectors. Secures into the container opening with an Ezi-action® C Adaptor Fitting. Learn more Dispenses roughly 6 oz a stroke. Simple construction provides no complications for user. Using a drum pump for each chemical in the workplace provides safe, mess free dispensing and controls workplace hazards. Easy to clean and small enough for easy storage. • Polypropylene and polyethylene construction – chemical resistant. • True double action pump – innovative, easy, patented pumping technology. • Delivers on both the up and down stroke – continuous fast flow. • Anti-pumping/safety device – deters access by children and unauthorised personnel. • Pumps from base of container – all contents emptied. • Unique Ezi-action® Adaptor fittings – leak free, secure fit. • Constructed from FDA compliant plastics – confidence with liquid food products. • 24 month manufacturer’s warranty – high quality construction. • Fully serviceable – dispense container after container, year after year. • Spout style – extender hose can be attached to outlet spout

  • MP1209C

  • MR50-5

    Fits standard drum openings;
    Cylinder head allows a 360º spigot orientation;
    With extension tubes, will pump any 15, 30 or 55 gallon drum.

  • P5TS-F

  • R-30 (20L)

    Large diameter suction tube allows for high viscosity products;
    Umbrella valve permits a smooth flow and no drainback.


    • Low viscosity products
    • Strong and durable
    • Customisation options
    • Wide range of closure options
    • Broad chemical compatibility
    • Reusable

    30ml dose

  • SI-60