IBC Covers

6″, 7″ & 9″ covers for IBCs.

  • 6″ Lid with two 2″ bungs

    Giving you the ability to vent one bung and pump out of or into the other, this new lid has two NPT bung threads  with a white EPDM gasket.

  • Black 6 inch Cover FDA Approved

    The black, 6 inch, solid fill cap is made of high density polyethylene, supplied with a FDA approved, white EPDM gasket. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) gaskets have excellent resistance to heat, UV exposure and aging. It’s resistance to harsh weather conditions make it ideal for outdoor applications. EPDM also provides excellent chemical resistance.

    This 6 inch plain polyethylene fill cap is specifically used to replace the caps on Mauser® plastic bottles for IBCs only.

    Black 6 inch solid cap

    Material: High density polyethylene
    Gasket: White EPDM
    FDA Compliant

  • BNS-07

  • LID-6TV

  • PBC6BP

  • PBC6PB

  • Red vented 6″ fill port lid

    Red vented 6″ fill port lid, genuine Schütz.

  • TL650S

  • TL651E

  • TL651S

  • TL652S