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2 inch (Mauser Collar) Spinweld Valve with Outlet, EPDM gasket

2" Poly Spinweld Valve (Mauser Collar) with EPDM Gasket, QDC Outlet, Cap & Foil Seal.

2” NPT Valve with Camlock Outlet For Greif® and Mauser®

Hoover Cylinder Valve , NPS outlet with foil & cap. (Mauser Collar)

6" Fill Port Lid with two 2" NPT bungs and EPDM gasket.

A13, 2″ Capseal for Plastic drum

All plastic seal for plastic drums

Yellow 2" coarse thread vented plug with 3/4" reducer

Yellow 2" fine thread vented plug with 3/4" reducer

Mauser Cylinder Valve 2" NPT

Mauser Solid Black 9" Lid with EPDM Gasket