2" Faucets

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    This deluxe faucet rapidly dispenses viscous non-corrosive flammables. Constructed of polyethylene/EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). Includes three black rubber gaskets; each designed for use with the three most common 2 inch flange styles.

    Loaded with convenience features: padlockable handle (padlock or seal, sold separately), pail hook for hanging an empty pail and a 3/4 inch threaded port for attaching a sight gauge (sold separately).

    ML1 Optional padlock provides optimum security.

    SEL8-PTRD Optional 8 inch pull tight security seal, that needs to be cut to remove, is an inexpensive alternative to a padlock.

    Note: Pail hook is not designed to hold the weight of a filled pail. It is only meant for storing an empty pail between fills.

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    For mid- to high viscosity liquids;
    Spring loaded pull valve automatically closes after each use;
    Fits 2″ bung opening;
    Nitrile rubber seal.

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    DF-201 Flo-King

    Virgin polyethylene easily handles viscous materials;
    High chemical resistance;
    Will empty 55-gallons drum of average viscosity fluid in less than 3 minutes;
    Faucet shoulder and gasket made of EPDM material provide leak-proof seal;
    No wrench needed to screw into drum;
    Opens-closes with easy one-quarter turn.

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    Stop clip helps prevent inadvertent activation of spigot;
    High chemical resistance;
    1-1/2″ spout outer diameter fits into openings of most jugs and measuring devices;
    VITON internal o-ring provides secure seal;
    360º swivel spigot accommodates most filling needs;
    External lugs for easy tightening into drum.

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