EZI-ACTION pump (60L)

This drum pump fits 10, 15 and 30 gallon drums with 2 inch NPS and 2 inch Buttress adapters. This patented zero-friction pump handles acids, alkalis, oils, soaps, syrups, juices, most non-flammable liquids up to 8,000 cps (centipoise) viscosity.  Pump almost any non-flammable liquid twice as fast with half the effort.  It pumps from the base of the container so all the contents are emptied.

Ruggedly constructed pump has the only 24 month warranty in the industry.

  • Delivers 15 ounces on the up AND down stroke
  • Made 100% of FDA-compliant polypropylene and polyethylene
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E-Z Action Pump for 60l drum


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